Clark Adams Co. offers great resources to ensure you have the best information possible

One of the best elements to the remarkable work that Clark Adams Co. does is their devotion to their customers. They have spent literally countless hours perfecting their craft and fine tuning their focus so that it is laser sharp and dialed in perfectly on replacement windows and doors. Their team of certified experts train endlessly on the newest technology and techniques to make sure they are the very best at what they do.


In addition to this Clark Adams Co. has partnered with Renewal by Andersen, who manufactures the top of the line in replacement windows that are custom built to make your unique space in your Los Angeles or surrounding area home just right. To add to this, these Professionals also custom install your replacement windows or doors, ensuring the perfect fit and as a result you have the potential to reduce on your e


No Surprises when you get replacement windows and doors from the experts at Clark Adams Co.

One of the things that Clark Adams Co. is best known for is their superior customer service and ability to ensure that everyone they service not only is properly taken care of, but they have a clear picture of what to expect.  Through the assistance of the highly trained and certified professionals at Clark Adams Co. you will not just get the finest quality replacement windows and doors for your Los Angeles home, but through their 15-Step Installation method you will receive highest level of customer service you’ll ever see from a home improvement contractor.


Through the Clark Adams Co. 15-Step Installation method you will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it, each and every step of the way. This helps to ensure that you receive a perfect job with no surprises and can plan your live around it accordingly.


  1. A Production Field Manager will review all of the elements of the project and set up a follow-up visit with you. Precise measurements will be taken and any unique conditions are noted. After this on-site conference, your custom windows and doors will be ordered.


2. On the installation day, one of the very first things completed is the placing of drop cloths in all

work areas. This is to ensure that your home is properly protected.
3. Next your old windows or doors will be carefully and neatly removed.

4. With the old window or door removed, the opening is inspected, cleaned, and prepared for the new window/door.
5. Your new window/door is placed in the opening, centered, aligned, and securely fastened in the opening. This custom fit will help to ensure a better level of energy efficiency.
6. Insulating foam is injected where the new window frame connects with the old frame.

7. A review of special conditions is made and measurements are taken for the exterior trim application.

8. Application of exterior trim underlayment.

9. Apply exterior trim, per the choice you select, over underlayment to exact dimensions required for an attractive installation.
10. Apply interior trim, per the choice you select, as required to cover old frame and create a clean interior appearance.
11. Caulk and seal all joints, using three different types of advanced sealants. Each sealant is designed for it’s particular application and again will aid in giving a better level of energy efficiency.
12. Remove all stickers from the windows, clean the glass, lubricate the moving parts and set all screens. This will ensure that all elements are working properly.
13. Load and haul away all old windows and related debris.
14. Clean-up interior and exterior work areas. Clark Adams Co. wants to leave your home better than how they found it.
15. Crew leader will review the window and door operation with you and answers any questions.


Clark Adams Co. and their staff of experts are truly not satisfied until you are completely delighted with your Los Angeles replacement windows and doors service! For more information about the replacement window and door services Clark Adams Co. offers click HERE, or call 310-734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.


Happy Fourth of July from Clark Adams Co. and their devoted staff of certified experts

Today marks a special day for our country. Independence Day is when we celebrate the anniversary of the publication of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776. This is important because it set the stage for what would become a great nation, and every since that moment we have all fought together to make the world a better place. Clark Adams Co. understands the significance of this day to our history and what this day means for the future of our rising generations.


To celebrate this special moment, Clark Adams Co. has offered a great deal for their customers. For a limited time only when you come to Clark Adams Co. and buy one window you can also get the second window for 50% off. Included in this offer you can also purchase the windows with no money down, and have things set to pay no payments with no interest for an entire year. For more details on this amazing deal click HERE.


It’s important to know that Clark Adams Co. is not just your run of the mill everyday operation and in fact they are the Los Angeles and surrounding area’s exclusive distributor of Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows and doors. There are no other Los Angeles area windows or doors that can give you the same combination of remarkable beauty, energy efficiency, durability and value. With Clark Adams Co. and Renewal by Andersen® windows and doors you can have the best in energy efficient, style and functionality. Plus they will truly make you the envy of your neighborhood.


Remember for this Independence Day you don’t have to have the same old look and functionality for your home. Take this as a moment to break free of the chains that your existing windows and doors hold over you and seek out a higher standard with great energy efficiency and style.


For more information about the replacement window and door services Clark Adams Co. offers click HERE, or call 310-734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.


True savings comes from making changes and getting help from Clark Adams Co.

Everyone wants to save a few dollars where they can, and rarely do we like to just simply throw money away. The trouble is many people may not realize that regardless they may be doing so anyway, and may actually not even understand how.


On average most experts believe that homes will lose as much as 40 percent of the energy used to either heat or cool it. This typically takes place because of the fact that the home is either poorly insulated or the windows and doors which were installed were not done so properly. This means that over the years you could not only be loosing loads of money, but you will not be getting the comfort that you are intending for your Los Angeles home.


To fix this problem all you may need to do is utilize the certified professionals at Clark Adams Co. Over the years they have become well respected and known as experts at custom installation of replacement windows and doors and the selection they offer is unprecedented. Through the perfectly matched partnership with Renewal by Andersen Clark Adams Co. features products that are manufactured to perfection.


In addition to this they utilize staff that are highly trained for years in the top of the line technology and techniques making them a highly skilled tool for you to use to achieve your goal. Plus, with the custom creation and installation you as the customer can rest assured that you will have replacement windows and doors that will give you the highest level of efficiency for your money, along with a greater amount of functionality, and ultimately a much more desired and envious look for your Los Angeles home.


For more information about the replacement window and door services Clark Adams Co. offers click HERE, or call 310-734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.


Let the Light In With Glass Sliding Doors

Los Angeles has apparently been garnering high numbers on home beautification projects, especially bath remodeling projects with high percentage of return of investment, according to Remodeling 2013-2014 Cost Vs. Value report. This number crowned LA as the strongest city to generate higher values in terms of home renovation projects. If you are selling your home, upgrading your windows and door might also do wonders as these were reported to bring 70% to 96% of cost recoup, due to various factors such as style, efficiency, and longevity.  Read more »


Having the most secure, attractive and functional entry door also means making a statement about you and your home

When you truly stop to think about it a door is not just a door. We use a front door as a utilitarian entry into our home, and use it to help secure us and our families from the outside world. However they are so much more than that. In addition to being a barrier between you and whatever dangers may be lurking outside it is also an important portion of your ability to maintain energy efficiency in your home and often times the first sign of hospitality to a visitor you will present.


When you consider your entry way and what it displays to others what does it say to you regarding the message it sends to visitors. Does it show you and your family’s personality? Or is it just the least expensive one you could originally find? Perhaps it was already a part of your home when you got it. The fact is you don’t have to keep things status quo, particularly if that is something which isn’t working the best for you. You can actually have so much more!


Through the experts at Clark Adams Co. you can have the very best of everything. They offer a wide selection of entry, sliding glass and French doors that can give you a brand new look capable of making you the envy of the neighborhood. It can also give you a substantially greater level of energy efficiency, not to mention the higher security features.


The fact is your home may have doors which are stealing valuable energy and unless you have custom installed doors that are designed and manufactured to be thermally efficient you will be loosing out and wasting money. The certified professionals at Clark Adams Co. have worked tirelessly to ensure that they are not only up to date with the most current information and technology, but also leading the stage with their customer service.


Because of their partnership with Renewal by Andersen they have the best of both worlds: products and services. Renewal by Andersen offers manufacturing of a product that is personal to your space. With custom measurements and construction you will have the perfect fit.


Then, to add to this Clark Adams has teams of remarkable installers who will custom install each piece to ensure you have the best match possible. All of this together means you have the most ideal service imaginable and one that continues to win awards and high reviews.


For more information about the replacement window and door services Clark Adams Co. offers click HERE, or call 310-734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.


Reduce the Noise Inside Your Home With Your Windows

Most types of sound contribute majorly to our mood. The chirping of birds, rustling of trees, and river flowing can calm our senses. But some do not sound pleasing to our ears, causing noise pollution like the busy city streets. posted some tips on how to deal with loud noise in case the need arises: Read more »


For over 30 years Clark Adams Co. has been offering the very best in service and replacement windows and doors

Did you know that over 30 years ago Clark Adams sought out to found a company in which he could provide his neighbors with the absolute best quality replacement windows and doors possible, yet still at an affordable cost. He wanted to give the highest level of care possible with a personalized service devoted to focusing completely on the customer.


As time passed the company as a whole grew to have a distinct reputation for being an industry leader in their field and the top choice among homeowners looking for fantastic windows without the high pressure of sales people pushing you into something that just might not be right for your home or budget.


Then, to make their contribution even better, Clark Adams Co. partnered with Renewal by Andersen and together they developed a reputation of being the very best in the Los Angeles and surrounding area. In fact, because of this devotion Clark Adams Co. has been named the exclusive regional distributor of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. There is no other replacement window and door service that offers the same combination of durability and value along with energy efficiency and beauty. Clark Adams, through their partnership with Renewal by Andersen, offers what is one of the most energy efficient windows on the market. They feature ratings issued by the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC), a well established and respected independent laboratory who tests replacement windows.


By utilizing the certified experts at Clark Adams Co. you will not only be able to reduce energy expenses but also add to the over all look and functionality it can offer. This means that through the installation of one of the vast variety of windows and doors that they offer you can have a custom fit, custom installed new look and feel to your Los Angeles home. In the end there is nothing better than giving yourself a fresh start that also saves you money down the road and adds overall comfort.


For more information about the services that Clark Adams Co. offers click HERE, or call 310-734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.